Friday, September 21, 2012

歌曲篇 - Just Say So - 蔡健雅 (Tanya Chua)

You've got a way
Ooh a devious way
But I'm telling you I'm not a child
I'm tired of playin this silly game
So why can't you won't you make up your mind

If you love me
Tell me that you do and just hold me tight, no more lies
If you love me
Do what any man would have done
Make it right
Cos love ain't
Something to be taken so easily like a casual pastime
So if you love me baby love me baby love me baby
Why don't you just say so
Why don't you say so

Are we or aren't we on the same page
I've been contemplating for a while
Cos haven't we been better than okay
Yet I'm stuck here
With a million whys

Oh is there someone else
Oh is there?
I thought that we were done working that out
Well I've made up my mind that you're the one for me
This time I know for sure
But I can't help but wonder

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