Sunday, February 26, 2012

心情篇 - Sammi Cheng's Faith (CD + MOOV Live + MV DVD) & Zhi De Book - my 2012 Birthday Present!!

I am waiting for my birthday gift!!!!
Faith (CD + MOOV Live + MV DVD) & Zhi De (值得)book from Sammi Cheng!!!
Estimated they will only reach at 22nd March, because of the Zhi De (值得)book which needs some time to process...

Zhi De (值得)book from Sammi Cheng at YesAsia...

Can't wait to get them in hands... 1 more month to go!!!!

* Updated at 6.30PM, 26 Feb 2012: Waooo.. just checked the status, and all now are shipped on 22nd Feb from Hong Kong, reached Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24th Feb and out to deliver on 25th Feb..
I think it shall reach very soon... waiting for the parcel to reach... 8D

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