Sunday, November 01, 2009

01.11.2009 - start my 6 days detox program...

Hmmm.... Ocean Genie decided to start my 6 days detox program from today....
How will it be?
Basically I will be taking one kind of detox juice with detox meal together....
Let's see how is the result after these 6 days....

What is detoxification (detox)?
Hmmm... I found out some article from internet and below are some of the information regarding detoxification (detox)....


Detoxification Information

What is detoxification of the body?

Detox your body it's great! Over time, toxins can accumulate in your body from the food that you eat. (Other factors include drugs, alcohol, processed foods and free radicals!). To neutralize the process of riding your body of toxins and cleanse unwanted mucus and means traffic jams throughout the body to build up. Usually, fats and cholesterol and harbor these toxins and alter the normal Functions of the body. So if you are intestine, kidney or liver is not functioning properly, as the toxins leave not in a position to build your body and they continue until they cause poor health or even disease.

If Detox Your Body?

Many people do not even know they have a toxic body, but if you do any of these symptoms: headaches, bloating, gas, weight gain, fatigue, pain, constipation or a disease, you probably have a toxic Body. Releasing the toxins from your body revive and revitalize you from the inside out. The first place to start is by regularly stool.

Detox Your Body Now!

Once you begin to present the food you are eating and the lifestyle you live, you find what works for you is working against you. Catch on to cut all processed foods and always start the water and fresh fruit and vegetables. Have a total colon, liver, Kidney and clean with natural and herbal products, and you'll feel the difference in your health and vitality!


Detox Diet

Why Detox??

As toxins collect in our systems, the functions of these systems are negatively affected. The primary result is lack of energy. Mental concentration and clarity are often compromised as well. Therefore, feeling exhausted both physically and mentally is a likely sign that a detox diet may be right for you.

Certain physical attributes can be improved. Hair often becomes shinier, and skin tone is more radiant. People prone to acne often experience a reduction in the number and intensity of breakouts. Nails and cuticles appear healthier as well.

In general, overall health is rejuvenated due to the optimal functioning of your body. Rejuvenation and regeneration of cells enables the body and mind to operate at their highest level. In addition, since quality of sleep improves, a calm, energetic state of health is experienced for days after a detox diet is followed. This new state of well-being also means less susceptibility to illness and stress.

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